Since 2002, clients with projects of all shapes and sizes have come through our doors and left astonished by the quality of the products we create. These clients have been impressed by the “Quality-centric” environment that we foster as well as the skill and efficiency of our teamwork. By utilizing one another’s individual strengths, we are able to better ensure success in all facets of their project.

Our diverse strengths are the true definition of “American ingenuity at work.” We take enormous pride in designing, engineering, and cutting metal parts that many of our clients thought impossible to produce. With some of our team members having over three decades of industry experience alone, SPR Machine has long been the go-to resource for complex R&D projects that require the highest quality, precision machining. These are just a few of the many reasons we’ve become one of the leading machine shops in the country.


  • SCOTT PATER | President

    As co-owner/co-founder of SPR, Scott knows his way around a machine shop. After 24 years in the business, he’s learned enough about manual machining, CNC lathes, fabrication and design to fill a warehouse or two. And he loves it. Every single square-inch of SPR’s 78,000 square-foot, cutting-edge facility in fact. Since Scott was a teenager, working on rebuilding a 1979 Jeep CJ-5 in his garage, he knew he was destined to make tools, engines and machinery his life’s work. Lucky for Scott, he had a couple of neighbors who helped put him on the path to success. One who owned a successful machine shop who hired Scott and taught him all the nuts and bolts of the business. And another who trusted him enough to let Scott provide his business with all of his machining needs and, to date, has become SPR’s largest customer. For years Scott ran large boring mills, lathes and surface/blanchard grinders. He even owned and sold a successful landscape business after 14 years. In his spare time, Scott loves to restore and rebuild Jeep Wranglers and other machinery, as well as enjoy off-road adventures, camping, farming and, of course, bacon. Who doesn’t?

  • SCOTT ROTH | Vice President

    Scott is one of the three founding members of SPR Machine. His exceptional talent for manufacturing efficiency, resourcefulness, quality and integrity created the foundation that helped put SPR on the map. Born and raised not too far from where SPR is located today, Scott spent many years working long hours for a diverse, large-format shop in the manual and CNC Horizontal Boring mill departments. As his career progressed, he spent the next 20 years programming, setting up and operating VMC’s, manufacturing prototypes, production milling detailed components and tooling for the electronics industry. These tasks required an extensive amount of time in fixture design and manufacturing for difficult-to-workhold components. At SPR, he developed and manufactured modular VMC tombstones and fixtures for production milling. To this day, Scott attributes his many successes to the constant love and support from his wife, children, parents, family and friends.

  • BRANDON ROSS | “The Cut Man”

    If there’s something new to be discovered, chances are Brandon’s gonna find it. He’s a one-man, information-seeking machine, asking questions at every turn to further expand his knowledge of SPR clients and their unique needs. As a graduate from Miami University in Ohio, with a B.S. in Engineering Technology, Brandon (or Bill to some) began his journey at SPR Machine as a co-op in the Inspection department. Over the years, Brandon’s relentless passion for exploring new cutting techniques and pushing the machines to their maximum potential has made him one of SPR’s go-to programmers and operators for the Vertical Milling Centers. He prides himself in shaving off hours of runtime by searching for ways to improve efficiency, while still maintaining the highest levels of accuracy. Due to his background in inspection, he also understands the level of craftsmanship it takes to get parts out the door, while encouraging everyone on his team, including himself, to continually improve. Outside of work, Brandon is the consummate “teammate”, excelling in a variety of team sports, particularly ice hockey. Which explains why he keeps his hockey stick and puck next to his VMC at all times.

  • CHRIS RYAN | “Professor”

    As valedictorian of the “School of Hard Knocks”, Chris has made a 20-year career of training some of the “best of the best” in the metal fabrication industry. His background in electro/mechanical engineering from Cincinnati State has helped prepare him for countless roles at SPR Machine. His responsibilities include, but are never limited to: Cad design, metal forming, electrical maintenance, running and programming lasers/mills, shipping and receiving, and, of course, managing and training employees. It’s here that he is able to enlighten and inspire his co-workers, bringing out the best of their talents and helping to grow their skills… as well as his own. In his free time, Chris spends it with his wife and four children, helping to coach them in both sports and in life.

  • JOSH McCALL | “The Man of Steel”

    If it can be imagined, chances are Josh can build it. Through years of hard work, dedication and the obsession to try new things, explore new techniques and design new parts, Josh has turned the fabrication world upside-down with his “masterpieces of metal.” To Josh, welding, designing and fabricating cutting-edge components isn’t just a career – it’s a calling. Manual machining, demolition, body shop work, heavy equipment operator, farming and fabrication are in his blood and he celebrates his passions every day, both at work and at home. When he’s not at SPR, Josh is hard at work restoring a farmhouse to its original glory or seizing the day with yet another off-road adventure.

  • AARON ROSS | "The Artist"

    When you’re really gifted at your craft, most people don’t realize how hard you’ve worked to make it all look so easy. That’s Aaron for you. Quiet, humble, curious and creative. A true “artist” in every sense of the word. Even at a young age his relentless curiosity inspired him to take things apart to figure out how they were created. Then as soon as he was old enough to drive, he started taking apart his own cars, fixing them, and then putting them back together. All of which inspired Aaron to follow his true passion for manufacturing and the building process, which included formal training in cad, solid modeling, and numerous coding classes. Over the past 10 years, Aaron has spent his time perfecting his craft. Starting out in inspection, programming the visual measuring machines and learning all the hand tools, which led to his appreciation for the tremendous detail that goes into each and every part SPR produces. Aaron now writes CNC programs, design fixtures, and runs CNC mills to keep SPR's precision parts moving out the door at maximum efficiency and optimal quality. When Aaron’s not at work, he’s working hard at making the world a much more beautiful place by melting and designing magnificent glass marbles. Yet another impressive work of art by Aaron.